Zucchini Lasagne With Cauliflower Bechamel

Although pasta is not the supreme evil of the refined carbohydrate family, it still may spike your sugar levels and mess up with your hormone balance resulting in difficulties in

What Are Active Meetings and How To Make Them Happen

Are you a business professional with a busy schedule including staff meetings, management meetings, project update meetings, meeting briefings, sometimes even meetings about meetings? Do you find yourself yawning by

Last weekend we went to visit our friends who live in a small country town called poetically Toodyay. TooooD Yeeey! They both grew up in the city (ehm, Perth village)

8 Habits Of Staying-fit People

Lots of people go through life with a cycle of dieting, going to the gym, not feeling like exercising, putting on some weight, getting back to the gym, trying to

Coconut flour lemon cake with berries

Winter in Australia for me means perfect time for baking. Recently I’ve been experimenting a lot with coconut flour in combination with lemon. It’s lemon season here in Perth and

Of course, I couldn’t fall asleep. My full awareness kept me awake till late hours and woke me up at 4am. Our taxi driver is already waiting in front of

Second day of our whole schedule. No more introductions, straight into it. Morning breathing and mantra class is with Mr Om himself. You gotta be lucky enough to have your

First full day of our yoga schedule. We’re all sleepy and tired. Chanting and meditating can be surprisingly exhausting. Let alone confusing Philosophy classes. Monkeys are running everywhere. I made

Bloody monkeys kept chasing each other around my balcony and waking me up all night. At 5am I finally give up sleeping and wait for our fire ceremony to began.

I’m woken up by vomiting pommy girl at 5am only to find out I’m locked at the hostel and can’t get water or food until they release me. When I